Lose Weight

With directed training fat burning can be increased in waist, hip and thigh areas; and an even more weight reduction can be achieved


Increase Strength

Gain rapid strength and improve endurance in a shorter period of time. Help to achieve personal training goals quickly, effectively and consistently


Boost Performance

The combination with conventional training methods quickly leads to a new level of power and high-speed performance


Improve Physical Condition

Train the whole body simultaneously by the contraction of more than 600 muscles, and all at an intensity of activation much higher than that of conventional training

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About Us

We help you to achieve your fitness goals and target shape

Using the most effective fitness training and EMS will stimulate muscles to get lean without influencing the ability to recover.
FitLife designs the fitness training sessions in such a way that it helps to burn calories and boost metabolism


Beauty & Appearance

  • Helps with weight and fat loss
  • Improves metabolism
  • Rejuvenates skin and tissue
  • Eliminates cellulite
  • Improves stamina
  • Increases energy
  • Improves eating habits


Fitness & Sports

  • Develops maximum strength
  • Increases endurance
  • Grows all muscles
  • Reduces muscle imbalance
  • Improves body efficiency


Health & Rehabiliation

  • Improves posture
  • Improves back, hip, and joint pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts the entire cardiovascular system
  • Helps with incontinence
  • Aids recovery from injuries


EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation, meaning it is a total body workout with the aid of electrical current

By employing mild external electrical impulses, natural muscle contractions are multiplied and intensified, leading to an effective, multi-purpose, training. As a matter of fact, it has been applied for years, especially in the fields of physiotherapy, pro-athletic sports, sports rehabilitation and medicine. It remains to be a relevant modern fitness training for any body type.

Its All about


Saving Time

As all muscles work simultaneously, you’ll spend only just 20-25 minutes with training


Building muscles

The electrodes are placed directly on the body to each important muscle group; so all the impulses reach their target. It’s easy, and you can’t go wrong


Improving Posture

As there are electrodes built into the training suit along the spinal column, those rarely trained muscles get worked as well. So muscles get stronger which can lead to a better posture and enhance lower back muscles


Achieving toned body

Since it is an effective strengthening workout, it transforms how the body uses up calories. It is a very effective tool for the shrinking of body part circumferences and fat deposite under the skin


Relieving joints

The electric impulses work on the muscles directly, there is no pressure on the joints, so they are not over worked – as it is often the case with weight workouts


Balancing out the muscular system

The built in electrodes can stimulate and develop all the muscle groups or just selected ones if desired, so the otherwise ’weaker links’ of the body can be strengthened

Improve Your Life

Your posture will improve as well as the way you feel: the electric impulse stimulation works on the deeper muscles too. The blood circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced which can lead to a firmer, more toned skin

Our Services

FitLife serves you with several fitness programs based on your individual needs.

No more wastage of time on heavy physical training sessions. Spend 20 minutes with our best fitness coach to achieve your desired goal.
Using recent technology, FitLife assures quality, faster and authentic results in just few minutes.
It’s simple, 20 minutes with FitLife equals more than 3 hours in a gym!

We will set you achievable training goals, and track your progress with our body measurement devices. If you stick to our program, there is no reason why you won’t achieve your fitness target in a short period of time:

  • Shape Your Body
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Your Muscles and Increase Your Strength
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Improve Your Physical Condition
  • Relieve Back Pain
  • Increase Your Performance
  • Relieve Your Incontinence
  • Improve Circulation

100% 100% Complete

Studio Services

To ensure the achievement of your fitness goal, your lifestyle is considered while initiating a personal fitness training program. After in depth analysis of all the aspects of your life, FitLife ensures that each individual client produces results:

  • Book your Session over phone or via our App
  • Welcome to FitLife Studio 15 minutes prior to the training session
  • We make full body analysis once you sign up, and then frequently
  • We set your fitness program targets
  • We provide you all sports clothes
  • Get suited up & Get Ready
  • Starting the 20 minutes Impulses session
  • Get Fitter, healthier, happier

Home Services

With our PORT stand, the machine is always at hand. If you don't feel comfortable to make your session at our studio, our coaches are glad to conduct a personal training requested at your place

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